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Everything you need in one place, introducing Landscaper Funnel, a powerful system for growing your landscaping business.

Our system can integrate into your current technology, nurture relationships with prospects, generate new leads and track your return on investment.

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Why Landscaper Funnel

Our mission is to provide you with an all-in-one marketing system so you don't have to look elsewhere in order to market your company effectively.



Integrate your various software together to share data removing the need for duplicate data entry.


Sales System

Our CRM software handles all aspects of the sales process. Capturing a web or phone lead, promptly responding to them, determining if they're a qualified prospect, scheduling sales appointments, getting online reviews from clients and following up with unsold leads until they're ready to buy.


Digital Marketing

Our services handle all aspects of marketing. Your website, Google ads, social media ads, search engine optimization - you name it, we handle it.



While other marketing agencies drop the ball and don't give you the data to support their claims, you'll see every important KPI to a landscaping company in our system.

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Take our FREE quiz to see how you stack up against your competitors!

Advanced Marketing Automation Solution

No more falling for sneaky marketing tricks! Our system is specially designed for landscaping companies. It not only provides all the tools you need for successful marketing but also makes sure you and your team don't lose track of valuable customers. This means you can trust that every customer is cared for and that your marketing efforts are truly working.

Why Trust Us?

$1.3 Million

Gross Sales

Our main case study generated $1.3 million dollars last year using our proven marketing system.

Implementing is Simple

Our system can be integrated into any landscaping company using any software.

You don't need new software with us! Our system sends important details to your current software, helping you welcome paying customers.

About us

Michael Garcia (Founder)

Our Mission

To make great marketing available to landscaping companies of all sizes.

Our Values

Family First: We work for our families - first.

Integrity: Honest, transparent, ethical - always.

Genuine Care: Interest for people beyond the numbers.

Action Taker: Proactive and results-driven.

Our Promise

To be on the leading edge of effective marketing and playing for small business owners against the ever increasing corporate interests.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost?

We offer packages for solo business owners looking to hire their first employee and big landscaping companies making $5 million. Our core plan is $1,000/month. As your business grows, we grow with you. Bigger companies with $5 million in revenue, might invest up to $10,000/month.

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What is your guarantee?

Our commitment is clear-cut: within six months, we promise to deliver a specific number of qualified leads to your landscaping business.

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What if it doesn't work for me?

If we're not on track within the initial six months, we'll offer our services for an additional 90 days at no cost. We're confident in our capabilities, but we're also realistic. If targets seem unattainable, we're open to revisiting and adjusting them. If both parties feel the goals remain unrealistic, we can decide on an amicable parting.

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Michael Garcia

My friends & colleagues have always said I'm a better marketer & strategist than a landscaper. This agency is my way of leaning into my skills and helping my friends with their businesses.

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